Black & Decker Ldx120c 20v Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Black & Decker Ldx120c 20v Cordless Hammer Drill Review

I am a DIY hobbyist since I was in high school.  I like to do stuff on my own, copy some ideas from Youtube and in a day or two, I am appreciated by my family for what I have done.  Scrapbooks, chandeliers, picture frame. Pillowcases, etc are some of my favorite creations when I was in my teen years. Years later, I got my own space, separated from my parents, and guess what? I got to design the interior of my own small house I have bought in L.A.  And because I like to do stuff: removing this and that, changing this and that, installing this and that, Mom got me a helpful device on my birthday before I moved in.  My own Black & Decker Ldx120C!

Today, I’m gonna share my experiences in using my toy.  Welcome to my Black & Decker Ldx120c 20v Cordless Hammer Drill Review! In this article, let’s try to explore the features of Ldx120c and how this device could be fitted to your needs.  Are you ready? Let’s check this out!

Black & Decker Ldx120c  – Cordless Hammer Drill Features

Most of the hammer drills have almost the same features though manufactured by different companies.  It’s quite confusing especially if you’re not familiar with how these brands work.  The following are the highlights of this device:

The Battery and its Power:

Let’s explore Ldx120c starting on its Power.  As you know, drilling is not an easy task.  You have to exert more effort to achieve the type of hole that you want.  This device is cordless and is powered by 20-volt Lithium Ion Battery.  Unlike traditional Lithium batteries, this type of battery has a long-lasting use and could be charged a lot quicker.  In my case, I can use the device for two weekends if I use it minimally.  And what is really good about this device is the battery’s weight which can be considered as lighter than the others.

Commendable Drill Speed:

Listen! The device I have is more on home use, and I’m satisfied with it.  It has an only one-speed setting and the speed can be controlled by the amount of pressure that you apply to the trigger.  This is exactly alike to other modern cordless drills.  Its speed goes from zero to 650 rpm, depending on the pressure.  Well, I usually use this with simple drilling task in which I think it is purposely made for, such as fastening screws.  With this single-speed setting, I don’t think it could be of great use for professional construction and heavier drilling tasks.

Black & Decker Ldx120c

Black & Decker Ldx120c

Comfort and Grip:

At 6.45 pounds including its battery, I should say that this device is lightweight and undoubtedly not exhausting even when used for an extended amount of time.  Of course, arm fatigue cannot be avoided when you are drilling because of the weight and vibration, but believe me, such fatigue is minimal.

Its compact size can be fitted enough to tight areas such as inside the cabinets, drawers, etc which make it more useful.  And the grips? It’s good to use this device that is designed with anti-slip grip that is very comfortable and easy to hold.

LED Work Light:

Just like other modern drills, built in this drill is the LED light that makes your task easier by lighting up your working area.  This is great when working on dark areas.  The automatically lights up when the device turns on.

Varied Position Clutch

You get to enjoy each of the eleven positions you can set for the device.  It’s definitely easy to control when drilling into wood, metal, plastic, and all screw driving tasks.  However, it doesn’t work well with concrete.

Pros & Cons of Black & Decker Ldx120c

Why Should Use?

  • Cordless and doesn’t require electricity to power it up.
  • Compact in design, very light in weight
  • Comes with an anti-slip grip for comfortable and easy hold.
  • Built-in LED Work light
  • 11 varied position clutch
  • 20-volt lithium battery
  • Works best even in tight spaces
  • Very much affordable
  • Helpful for home use.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Cannot work with hard materials such as concrete.
  • Torque is quite low.
  • Requires fully charged battery so you could use it well.
  • The body of the grill is made of plastic, though high in quality, the metal ones are still durable.

Why should you buy this product?

Here are some points that suggest why you should buy the Black & Decker Ldx120c:

  1. The device is compact in design and works well with tight areas.  It would then easy for you to tighten or fasten up screws inside the cabinet or drawers.
  2. It is powered up with 20-volt lithium ion battery that is great for long-lasting use.
  3. Though it only has a single speed setting, it is easy to manage and control the speed through controlling your hand on the trigger.
  4. If you’re gonna check it on Amazon, it’s price is just about $49, so affordable yet useful in the home.  You can even buy this as a gift for your husband or friends.
  5. It is designed to position the device in eleven useful ways.


As we end our Black & Decker Ldx120c 20v Cordless Hammer Drill Review, let me ask you? Did you like the specs too? Well, totally this device is good for home use but not for commercial and professional construction uses.  Some high-end features may not be found in this model, but its features are somehow commendable.  Using this product more than a year now, I should say that it has served its purpose well.  I use it more often at screwing: tightening and fastening screws.

As I checked on the satisfaction level of other users, I have found out that they are less satisfied with its plastic housing/cover.  As of mine, the cover is still intact and have never experienced any broken parts.  As to battery, you just have to charge it fully to enjoy a long- lasting use.  And by the way, in purchasing the device, it doesn’t come with a spare battery so you have to take care of it such as charging it fully but do not over charged.

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