Bosch HDH181 X-01 18 Volt Tough Hammer-Drill Review


Bosch HDH181 X-01 18 Volt Tough Hammer

While chasing down a drill, starting now and into the foreseeable future you know you are getting your correct hand man. You will require something that more than a tool.  There are such a broad number of approaches to manage a cordless drill, what generally matters is the strategy for finding the correct one and the perfect thing will set the tone to how your tough jobs will work out. We like machines that will make a job fulfilling, not machines that will wear out the task.

Nowadays, we are leaving power machines in higher request, and with that higher request there are more creative outcomes for better execution. On an extremely fundamental level, cordless drills creators are expanding the price affecting openings for need for their devices. Simply, catch the exceptional one among different Cordless Drills.

It’s dreadful to get a perfect gadget from the best. When I looked, a wonderful list of cordless hammer drills were out there and it incredibly made me a hard time picking the correct one. I was encountering a website and a bright model from the best drills of the time, Bosch HDH181 X-01 18 V shook my mind.

What reasons made me pick Bosch HDH181 X-01? That is the thing that I will point towards in this Bosch HDH181 X-01 18 volts Cordless hammer Overview. We should look into the highlights and how this astounding gadget plays it different from other brands and models. Are you prepared? Check for these!

You may consistently get tangled with the terms like power drills and compact drills. There are alternate sorts of drills. Compact drills are required to be thin, with a little size that will work perfectly in areas like storerooms and drawers. It is more favorable and lighter and should run with sharp tool kit. Most likely, it is difficult to search for the perfect compact drill. You need to check things up and get some knowledge about them so well that you would be more delighted and fulfilled when you play out your undertakings. Just decide! We should perceive what’s in store for us with this Bosch HDH181 X-01 Cordless hammer drill!


Bosch HDH181 X-01 18 Volt Tough Hammer



Highlights of Bosch HDH181 X-01 Hammer Drill review

  1. This Bosch HDH181 X-01 is controlled by lithium ion fat pack battery of 18 Volts. This gadget goes with lithium ion batteries for diminished fatigue. The battery chamber incorporates comfort with working of your machine and providing more vital control.

The more are the volts, the all the more compelling will be the drill, and the more torque it can organize. Superbly, your battery will get completely charged in only 35 minutes because of the fast charging.

  1. Bosch HDH181 X-01 has a 4 pole motor that passes on max torque of 752 lbs.
  2. Bosch tough hammer drill has uncommonly narrowed ½ inch hammer driver which has a keyless design.
  3. Also, Bosch HDH181 X-01 is capable of 0-27500 RPM along with 0-400/0-1850 BPM in a high speed set.
  4. Bosch HDH181 X-01 can easily handle really tough materials counting on from wood to every possible hard object. It has an open frame 4 pole motor along with a metal gearbox to provide you 750 lbs of torque.
  5. The main feature of Bosch HDH181 X-01 is that ii is designed with Active Response Technology.
  6. Active Response technology is an acceleration sensor which offers a limit to the rotating tool by detecting all the sudden movements along with motor being cut off. This technology will diminish the risks of kickback when utilized in high torque purposes by means of dropping off a bit in the performance.

The configured gearbox in the company of clutch will produce the torque and the thrust. The clutch settings in addition to a variable speed trigger will help the operator to supply the required amount of torque for your task.

  1. You will obtain a longer side handle in this tool. The side handle is designed with a superior length as well as the groove interfacing will lock in order to avoid any kind of slippage. The handle spins around to up to 23 positions and that too without the need to remove it from the driver.

This tool comes handy with a soft and slim grip to provide the user with comfort and less fatigue. This hammer drill has a keyless, single sleeve 1/2 inch metal chuck with auto lock feature.

  1. This brute tough drill is exclusively for wear and tear on the job setting only because of Dura shield housing along with a metal gearbox. The Dura shield offers the housing flexibility. Basically, it is designed to endure up to 25 drops onto solid material from 12 feet high.
  2. This product will provide you the portable power back through its innovative Active Response Technology which offers torque safety.

Pros and Cons of Bosch HDH181 X-01 Cordless Hammer-Drill

Why to use this product?

  • This hammer drill will provide you a remarkable operation with a simple framework which is easy to manage.
  • There are LEDs to provide the illumination for confined spaces.
  • First 6 Ah battery
  • Offers you 2 in 1 “socket ready” drivers. Pioneer charging (wireless) and the best, leading warranty along with the customer service.
  • Go on better with Bosch Brute Tough Hammer drill to perform any tough job because of it Active Response Technology.

Why you shouldn’t use?

  • You may end up getting this tool kit with imperfect batteries. Many cases have been represented under this issue.


The Tough hammer drill is all set for its high quality and its powerful framework. It will be able to handle most of the tough matter you throw at it. Bosch HDH181 X-01 is a real tough, professional tool for extreme functioning ranging from wood to hard metals.

Bosch HDH181 X-01 has just got better! It does withstand every fall test; it will survive! This Bosch product has a good battery life; it lasts reasonably much longer and is superbly multi featured. This tool is very powerful and it can easily toggle between usual and hammer drill settings. You will be offered a HUGE torque!


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