Bosch Rh328vc 1-1/8-inch Sds Rotary Hammer Drill Review

Bosch Rh328vc 1-1/8-inch Sds Rotary Hammer Drill Review

Last year, I moved from my apartment to a small house that I have bought.  There some parts of the house which I think needed to be renovated, removing some stuff which I thought not useful for me.  And because I’m a bit tight on my budget, I decided to do the small renovation myself.  I borrowed tools from a friend and he lent me one of his great simple machine: the Bosch Rh328vc. And you know what? Using such tool made me decide to purchase for my own personal uses.  I enjoyed using this Rotary Hammer for almost a year now.

I know there are lots of people out there who are planning to own such tool.  Well, there are lots of brand and models to choose from.  I’d like to share my experience at using the Bosch Rh328vc! Let’s explore how its features had helped me do my tasks in a convenient and quickest way.

So, are you ready for our Bosch Rh328vc Rotary Hammer Drill Review? Let’s check this out!

Main Features of Bosch Rh328vc

Vibration Reduction System

I have tried drilling using other brands that require powerful force just to hold the device firmly.  Sometimes, it could give your strain because you have exerted too much force.  What I really like about this Bosch Rh328vc is its 2 Step Vibration Control that works best without affecting the power.  It reduces vibration that originates from the impact mechanism progressing to the handle.  The grip is padded, and there is a 360 degrees rotation of the auxiliary handle that provides you with control and comfort while using the device for an extended period of time.

Ergonomic Design

Bosch really wants to satisfy you with its ergonomically designed products.  Just like this Bosh Rh328vc that provides you convenience while using it. Weighing 7.7 pounds, this device is very convenient to lift.  There were times when I need to drill something overhead, and I have done it so easily without arm strains.  This model truly delivers an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, with a length of 12.5-inch.

Bosch Rh328vc Review

Bosch Rh328vc

Three-Hammer Modes

Just like other models, the Rh328vc can be set to three modes depending on your need:

  1. Rotary Hammer Mode:  This mode is best at masonry bits.  It is more powerful with a larger force that utilizes a technology called “electro-pneumatic” hammering.  Such mode is powered by electricity instead of an air compressor which means it has the capacity to dig up with a powerful impact than other modes. Such mode allows you to drill large diameters of hardened concrete and hard materials.  It’s 10 times faster and stronger than the other modes.
  2. Rotation Only Mode:  If your task does not require you to break concrete, but only with wood or metal.
  3. Hammer Only Mode:  This mode can only generate fairly-low impact energy compared to rotary hammers.  It’s less effective than the rotary types especially when talking about drilling larger diameters in hardened concrete or materials.

Vario-Lock System

The Bosch Rh328vc allows you to rotate and lock the chisel in any of the different positions. The different positions provide you with different strategies on how you could handle and finish your task conveniently.

Integral Clutch

The integral slip clutch works with the hammer mechanism in the hammer and it produces an increased power.  This too helps in reducing the vibration to help you and your arm feel relaxed while continuing with your task.  The model features an SDS-plus chuck system that is responsible for giving you a variable-speed trigger with reversing for more accurate bit starting or for removing bound bits.

Pros & Cons of Bosch Rh328vc

Why Should Use?

  • The Rh328vc has three modes to choose from depending on your need.
  • Made with durable and high-quality materials.
  • Features a vibration reduction system that helps you feel relaxed and go on with your task without any strain feeling in the arm.
  • Comes with a various-lock system that helps you set and lock your device into different position.
  • Lightweight compared to other models of the rotary drill.
  • Integral clutch that helps minimize torque reaction
  • Ergonomic design

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Price is steeper but can be justified by its good performance.

Why will You love Bosch Rh328vc?

If you can try using the product, you can’t resist yourself from wanting it.   Especially of you are a person who likes to do a task yourself, this Bosch Rh328vc could be your construction and demolition buddy.  I think all men should have this in the house! I’m gonna highlight strong points on why you should have to buy this product:

  • The performance of this item is just a “wow”! Having this in your construction works or even in the house would be a great advantage.
  • “Powerful” is a word that could summarize all the features of this product.
  • You can perform a lot of tasks by changing/setting the device into three different modes: Rotary, Rotational, and Hammer only modes.
  • It controls vibration that helps your hands feel relaxed while using the device.
  • Of course, you have to exert effort when drilling. And because this device is a powerful one, it helps you reduce effort while performing your task.  Even with only less effort exerted, you can perform drilling in just a matter of minutes.
  • It’s definitely worth investing for. If you’re gonna visit Amazon, you can see that the price is quite high.  Well, the price is justifiable! With such a great performance, you’ll never regret in investing for this device.

Few Final Words

So, this is the end of our Bosch Rh328vc 1-1/8-inch Sds Rotary Hammer Drill Review.  How was it? Are you satisfied? Well, based on my experience, I can rate this item with 5 stars out of five? Why? Because it’s such a great device! With such a powerful performance, construction companies should own this device and let workers enjoy a convenient way of constructing and drilling up concrete.

It’s also worth to have this in every home.  Surely, you’ll enjoy your DIY renovation projects around your house according to your plan.  Look at me! Performing DIY tasks on weekends become my past time and Bosch Rh328vc is such of great help!

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