Dewalt Dc825b 18-volt Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review

No wonder why Dewalt brand has been marked as highly-performing power tools for years now.  When you hear such name, it is always associated with power tools that a home and construction must have.  Today, let’s get to know one of Dewalt’s powerful creation through this Dewalt Dc825b 18-volt Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review.

I am fond of doing DIY stuff in the house that’s why I own several tools including the Dewalt Dc825b.  I like fixing and installing stuff on my own.  Aside from saving from labor fees, there is a sense of fulfillment when you see your output turns out as great as you want it to be.  This device has been a great help! I bought this item a year ago after my impact driver from Bosch retired.  Instead of purchasing the same brand, I have tried Dewalt after hearing good reviews about it.  Well, what is frustrating is that it comes with a bare tool.  It is cheaper, but you have to purchase separately the battery as well as the charger.  Even then, purchasing the battery and charger is not that difficult because it is usually available in most Dewalt Dc825b distributors.

Features of Dewalt Dc825b Cordless Drill

This Dewalt Dc825b 18-volt Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review would not be complete without visiting each feature of the device.  Come on! Let’s take a look why many DIY hobbyists love the Dewalt Dc825b!

Great Design and Performance

Like most impact drivers, the Dewalt Dc825b performs well for driving screws with ease, and without stripping the heads.  Weighing 4.6 pounds, this device is super lightweight and is easy to hold and control even when working task overhead.  It is compact and measures only 5.75 inches long, it is easy to work on tight areas using this tool.

Its impact action does not require you to insert much effort because the device itself is powerful.  With 1330 in-lbs of torque, it lets you perform more task in a longer period of time.  And because it is lightweight, it won’t give you much fatigue.  Although some may not consider it as the most powerful among impact drivers, it can still serve its best well.

Appropriate for Home Use and DIYers

The device may not be great for construction purposes but performs its best in much lighter use such as in the home.  It has a sturdy magnesium housing with Dewalt’s famous high-quality plastic.  Created to provide you comfort while doing your task, the device is designed with anti-slip comfort grip so it won’t easily spill from your hand.

Replaceable Brushes

Fact: Time will come that some of the parts of this device would come to an end.  Although it is made of durable materials, it can still be damaged because of regular use.  Good news! The frameless motor of Dewalt Dc825b has replaceable brushes that allow you to do the replacement yourself.  So, if the brush gets damaged, you don’t have to throw the whole impact driver.  You can just purchase a new brush and replace the old one, then, there you go! You can continue with your DIY tasks!

Long Lasting Battery

You can power up your Dewalt Dc825b using Dewalt 18v batteries which come to XRP (Xpanded Run and Performance or Compact.  XRP features longer battery life than the “compact” ones.

Front Facing LED

This working LED light in front of your device helps you focus on your task.  It also gives convenience especially if you are working on tight and dark areas such as cabinets and drawers.  How does it work? Well, it just simply lights up when the trigger is pulled.

Pros & Cons of Dewalt Dc825b


  • Sturdy and long lasting casing/housing
  • Powerful and fast fastening/screwing
  • Designed with working LED light
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Allows you to replace brushes
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Anti-slip grip


  • You have to purchase the battery separately
  • Not designed for heavy works or construction uses

Why should you buy this product?

One of the purposes of the Dewalt Dc825b 18-volt Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review is to provide you with tips for buying your rangefinder.  The following are some highlights on why you should consider purchasing the Dc825b model:

  • It is manufactured by Dewalt whose great performance has been proven in the power tool industry.
  • The device is powerful, although it is not designed for construction and heavy use, it performs well in home uses and light works.
  • It is compact in size and weight that allows you to work in tight areas.
  • The grip is designed with an anti-slip feature to prevent it from slipping In your hand especially if you easily gets sweat on palms.
  • You can choose different types of Dewalt batteries to power up the Dc825b.


This is the end of our Dewalt Dc825b 18-volt Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review.  So what is your verdict? Are you satisfied with the features this driver offer?  For me, this device is definitely a great performer.  Though it is compact in size and weight, it has a lot of power to help you finish your home stuff.

What really captures my taste is its versatility when it comes to the battery in which you can choose from any four types depending on your need and of course, on your budget perhaps.  Although you have to buy the battery separate from the body, at least you have the freedom to choose what type of battery you will use.

Another thing capturing about this device is its long-lasting material.  And you can use the main device for a longer period of time.  Once the brush gets damaged, you can just replace the brush with new ones.

So, you wanna make your own review? Why not try the product so you could also share your experiences with Dewalt Dc825!

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