DEWALT DCD710S2 12-Volt Drill Driver Kit Review

DEWALT DCD710S2 12-Volt Drill Driver Kit Review

My drilling tool finally retired after 2 years of being my fix-that-thing buddy.  I didn’t purchase another one, thinking that I need to research first of the best drill drivers.  There was a time when I had to fix the kitchen cabinet and had to borrow my cousin’s tool.  He lent me his DEWALT DCD710S2 Drill Driver.  And you know what, I was amazed by the time I handled such device.  It was very light and comfy in the hand.  I’m not really good at looking at power tools, but this time, I became interested with Dewalt.  Well, I had used another brand before, though it did perform well with my drilling activities, what I had really noticed was the weight of this Dewalt DCD710S2.

And so, it led me to purchase the said model at Amazon and was really happy when it arrived.  I then continue fixing and installing stuff around the house. Yes, I’m satisfied with the device’s performance, and so I’m giving this detailed information to those who are planning to buy their own DEWALT DCD710S2.  I know it’s hard to choose the best power tools.  We have lots of things to consider because they aren’t just cost $10-$20 dollars.  Now, let’s try to examine how this featured item may be helpful to you.

Features of DEWALT DCD710S2

The DEWALT DCD710S2 looks the same with other drill drivers out there.  But you know what, maybe the name DEWALT makes it more special.  We all know that DEWALT has been manufacturing durable power tools for years now, and they have proven their greatness in the drilling industry.

Compact and Lightweight in design

As I have mentioned earlier, when I first use this DEWALT DCD710S2 lent to me by my cousin, I was really amazed at how light the device is. When I finally had my own device, it made me do more drilling and fixing.  I didn’t encounter any problem working in tight areas.  It is designed as a compact, easy to hold, and doesn’t even give you strain in the arms even if you use it for a longer period of time.  Can you imagine? It only weighs 2.4 pounds! Too light compared to my previous device that weighs 4 pounds.


What I like about this device is its 15-position clutch that works in conjunction with a two-speed gearbox so you can get precisely the amount of force you need.  For additional ease, it comes with a belt clip.

Changing of bits too is quite simple because it has a keyless chuck.  You just simply hold the chick and pull the trigger and put in the bit size that you want.  Tighten it by flipping it into the reverse direction.

Built-in LED light

Because it is designed to fit tight areas, and which could be darker such as inside the cabinet, drawers, and closets, the built-in LED light is very much useful.  It assists you by illuminating the working area, allowing you to focus on your target.  This LED light helps you finish your task quicker.

Commendable Battery and Quick Charging Ability

The kit comes with two 12-volt lithium-ion battery packs, each having 1.1 ah.  Because you have a spare one, you can work on continuously with your task.  I usually charge the battery for 30 minutes to one hour.  It’s quite fast and in just a short time, your spare battery would then be ready anytime.

The only thing I wish it possesses is the battery life indicator.  You will just be surprised with your device not functioning at all.  Good thing there is a spare battery which you have to keep fully charged all the time.

Great for Light Works

There was a time when I had to install a curtain holder in one of my windows.  I had to drill into the concrete wall so I could pin on the holder of the curtain rod. It didn’t work well at first so I changed the bit.  I spent minutes working on it compared to drilling with wood. Since then, I use it more often in drilling with softer and lighter materials and not to concrete. The drill is really not designed for heavy works such as concrete but performs best with the lighter ones.

Pros & Cons of DEWALT DCD710S2


  • The pack comes with 2 lithium ion battery packs.
  • Fast charging time of battery
  • Compact and lightweight in design.
  • It has 15-position clutch to fit in any work situation.
  • Built-in LED Worklight
  • Comes with a soft bag.
  • Can fit tight areas


  • It can only serve you with lighter tasks.
  • The bag is soft, unlike other models with hard shells/casing.
  • There is no indicator for battery life.
  • Why should you buy this product?
  • Here are some points for you to consider buying the item:
  • If you need a drill that is merely for home use and lighter tasks, this device might be suitable for your need.
  • I think it’s the most affordable kit I have encountered in the market with satisfactory performance.
  • It comes with a spare battery.
  • Fast charging time.
  • Lightweight and compact in design, allowing you to work with ease and comfort.
  • It has 15 position clutch to allow you deal with any work situation.


This article is limited only to my own experience with Dewalt DCD710S2.  Overall, I am satisfied with the performance of my device since I use it only with lighter works.  I think this is intended for drilling with woods, metals and other soft and light materials but not much of concrete.  Moreover, I am really impressed with the price.  It’s very affordable, to think that the kit comes with a spare battery.

Another great feature is the design which is compact and very light in weight.  It’s very comfortable to carry that allows you to finish more tasks in time. Some customers, well including me, are not happy with the absence of battery usage indicator.  I am just thankful that the kit comes with a spare, so you just have to charge the spare fully to readily rescue the other one.

Overall, 4.5 stars out of 5 is what this device receives from me!

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