Best DeWalt Lithium Ion Battery for Long Life

Appliances deserve care and love (given that some cost an arm and a leg to purchase), so what is the better way to treat your priceless possessions than with a steady and reliable supply of power?

DeWalt is a brand that is well known and established in the construction and manufacturing businesses, but in home improvement as well. It combines reliability and trust in a brand, at an affordable price. DeWalt Lithium Ion Batteries are what every device needs to keep on trucking the long haul.

From Saw Blades to Lawn Mowers, this little battery can feed electronics for years. The newest models DeWalt 20v Max Lithium weighs in at 1.1 ounces per pack and uses roughly 1.5 Volt of power. The Max comes in a variety of AMP – 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, all the way up to 60 Volt. One battery lasts 3-5 days under regular use. It’s compatible with most handyman equipment, such as Blowers, Power Tools, cordless automated Drills, and much more. This is a plus, as most batteries of this kind don’t necessarily fit most machines. Last thing you want is to buy one of these and realise you can’t get your work done because of simple lack of compatibility.

If you’re looking for something more heavy duty, you can be sure in the DeWalt models which are a big step up in power. Its models come in 20, 40, and 60 volts. It might make outdoor equipment slightly heavier, but it definitely saves up on time with the extra kick. This wide range of power DeWalt provides makes it an affordable and convenient choice for any handyman.

DeWalt Lithium-ion battery is a family of rechargeable battery kinds, boasting one of the quality energy densities, no reminiscence impact, and a sluggish loss of rate while not in use. That makes it definitely best for your electrical tools.

There are many companies that manufacture lithium ion batteries. The quality of a battery depends on the factors including memory effect and the self-discharging rate. Let us explain these terminologies to you.

Memory effect is the problem that (it’s alleged) nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries other than DeWalt Lithium Ion Batteries whereby hold less and less charge, depending on use. DeWalt has a good memory which adds a lot in the life of the battery.

Another advantage of DeWaltlithium-ion batteries is their self-discharge rate. Rather, rechargeable batteries slowly release their charge. This happens over time when they’re not put to use. So, for example, you leave your Bosch GSB18VE2Li 18V Cordless li-ion Robust Series Combi Drill in the van for two weeks over Christmas. When you get back to the job site after the New Year you’ll still be able to use the tool because the DeWalt lithium-ion batteries will have held on to the most.

It’s estimated that DeWalt lithium-ion rechargeable will self-discharge about less than ordinary li-batteries which have a discharge rate of 5-10% of their charge per month and compared to around 30% per month on ni-cads. This brand is perfect for those who forget to slap their tools onto the charger at the end of the day.

Other than this the DeWalt li-battery is very light in weight which makes it easy to use in the devices. These are the reasons DeWalt li-batteries get a long life which makes the users to be comfortable to use them.DeWalt li-batteries prefer the comfort of the users and hence have increased the quality for use.

Here’s a list of best lithium ion battery packs for sustainably long life sorted for you:

1. DEWALT DC9091 14.4-Volt XRP Battery Pack

Best DeWalt Lithium-ion battery

The DEWALT DC9091 14.4-Volt XRP Battery Pack has been designed in a way so that it can power-up multiple tools at the same time and not only that it can be used for the entire line of 14.4 volt tools


  • 40% more run time in comparison to standard batteries.
  • Multiple tool usage at the same time.
  • It has memory effect which doesn’t let it discharge completely.


  • It has 6 to 8 in-built batteries to give you more power to your tool kit.
  • This battery pack is easy to use and carry.
  • High quality material is used for better performance and durability.


  • Slightly heavier when compared to other batteries(1.5 pound)
  • There is a risk of battery dying if it is frequently overcharged.


2. DEWALT DC9096-2 18-Volt XRP 2.4 Amp Hour NiCad Pod-Style Battery (2-Pack)

This 18-Volt battery is used for the purpose of giving the tools some extra runtime and it will certainly increase the performance of your work.




  • New Cobalt technology gives 40% more run time.
  • These cordless batteries are capable to power any tool kit for up to 18V.
  • Multiple tools usage at the same time.


  • It comes in a pack of 2 which gives you more power and time.
  • The company provides 3-years of warranty and 2-years of free servicing.
  • Top quality NiCd batteries are used for the consistent and adaptable performance.


  • Plastic body may not be very durable when used roughly
  • Heavy weight (4 pounds) of the batteries makes in uneasy to carry.


3. DEWALT DCB205-2 20V MAX XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery, 2-Pack

Best DeWalt Lithium-ion battery

This high capacity 20V Lithium Ion Battery is certainly the one of the best of its kind which gives great performance.


  • It has premium XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion batteries to provide 60% more power than standard batteries.
  • The fuel gauge system (3 LED) is allows immediate feedback directly on state of charges.
  • No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime.


  • It includes 2 batteries to give you more power usage.
  • It is compatible with DEWALT 20V tools kit.
  • The design is compact and light weight for easy transportation.


  • It cannot be used for other drills or devices even if they are of 20V max.
  • Long charging time of the batteries.

4. DEWALT DC9182 18V XRP Lithium-Ion Battery

Are you still using Ni-Cad battery? Or are you just looking for new and better Li-ion Batteries? DEWALT DC9182 is the perfect 18V XRP Lithium-Ion battery for you. It is much lighter in weight and has a much-extended runtime.


  • The DEWALT DC9182 is an upgrade from DEWALT DC 9180.
  • It works on most of the 18V tools and is much lighter than the previous version.
  • It uses the best Lithium Ion batteries to deliver fantastic performance.
  • DEWALT 9182 is mainly designed as a lightweight battery without compromising on the runtime. Thus making this perfectly right for some serious buyers.


  • The Lithium Ion batteries are only 1.1lbs, making your tools lighter.
  • Even though the batteries are lighter, DEWALT has managed not to compromise on the runtime.
  • They fit all DEWALT 18 Volt tools.


  • They must be charged with specific DEWALT chargers only.
  • May have some issues with non-DEWALT tools.

Final Verdict

Final verdict is overwhelmingly positive. Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, have your own business or are just into home improvements, this brand is for you. DeWitt Lithium Ion and its “Big Battery packs” can give you the power juice your tools deserve.

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