Hammer Drills vs Impact Drills – Which One Is Perfect?

Drills, drills, and drills. Drills are everywhere. Hammer Drills vs. Impact Drills and so many known and various unknown types of drills or drivers are out there in the market. When options are too many, it becomes really harder to find the right choice in accordance with your necessity. Which one should I buy? That has become the ultimate tantalizing question.

There are lots of types of drills. Out of them, two types of drills are really popular. One is hammer drill and the other is impact drill, also known as an impact driver. So naturally, it has become a fight of two giants, hammer drill vs. impact driver. Which of them win or not doesn’t matter, what matters most is which one you should buy? Or which one suits you more?

Hammer Drills vs Impact Drills

To solve this mystery, we must know the basic concept of this two types of drills. At first, let me tell you some basic characteristics of a hammer drill. What is a hammer drill? A hammer drill or driver is a drill which is specialized in “hammer” or power mode. We all know what a drill does. It pierces through the surface to make a structured hole. But not all drill can make a hole in every component. Suppose you want to make a hole on metal. Other than hammer drill it is almost impossible to make one single hole on metal. It packs with the power which gives enough pressure to pierce through the metal body where other drills fail to do so. Not only that it can pierce through masonry, plastic, and woods as well. And with the hammer mode off you can also use it to do non-hammer works like adjusting screws and so on.  It has multiple speed settings as well. In this post, we will be going to give you some tips for Hammer Drills vs. Impact Drills.

Now, about impact driver, it is totally different. Hammer drills move round as well as back and forth, that’s why it can make holes into metals, on the other hand, impact drivers can move only in a round. It is more like a screwdriver than a drill, but it is faster in speed and compact in shape. It is light weighted as well. So handling it is much easier, and it can also make holes on different substances like plastic and other impact rated hole saws.

Which one should I choose?

Now that you have learned what type of drills are these it should become very easy on choosing between hammer drill vs. impact driver. They are both very efficient in their relevant fields. So it is your necessity that needs to be cleared. Ask yourself, why do you need any of these two drills for?

Suppose you need to do construction works on a daily basis and you have to make a metal bodied monument. Now, if you choose impact driver, then it will be a really bad decision. What you need here is powerful enough to make holes even on metal substances. So you need a hammer drill. If you buy an impact driver over a hammer drill here, you cannot even make one whole let alone building a metal monument. It may help you later when all work is finished, and you need to fasten some screws, but before that, you must need a hammer drill.

Here is another situation, suppose you are a carpenter, and your job demands some pinpoint holes and a lot of screw tightening. What tool should you choose to complete that job efficiently? If your answer again is impact driver then you are absolutely right. In this job, you don’t need to make larger holes on a harder surface. You just need to make some holes and make it haste. If you choose hammer drill, you aren’t totally wrong. You can use hammer drill for different purposes with different types of speed. It’s up to you whether you can use it here or not, but it is extremely heavy for light work. Plus it is not as fast as impact driver in the case of fastening screws and it is not easy to make smaller holes with hammer drill.

So these two situations make things clear about when you need a hammer drill or an impact driver. But the war between hammer drill vs. impact driver is still continuing. Because you can use hammer drill in almost every situation. So why not buying the versatile one between the two? Well, when you are working through long hours you often need lighter equipment, so that you can work longer. The heavier your working tool is the less efficient your work will be. You will get tired soon and will take longer to finish than the actual time. Plus for every work, there is a perfect tool.

Let me point out the key differences here, and you choose on your own:

  • Hammer drill can generate more power than the impact drivers in the case of piercing holes.
  • Hammer drill has different speed setting so that you can power up for making holes or use it for fastening screws but it doesn’t hold screwdriver bits, unlike impact driver.
  • Hammer drill is heavier and larger, on the other hand, impact driver is compact and light weighted.
  • Impact drills are not well suited for making big holes unlike hammer drills but they can make holes and can drive fasteners efficiently.
  • Impact drivers can deliver non-reactionary torque at higher rates, on the other hand, hammer drills cause more friction in their torque.

Well, here are the differences and characteristics of the two popular type of drills, hammer drill vs. impact driver. Think well before you jump into conclusion in to buy a suitable drill for your work. And before I finish please take my suggestion, don’t think about all in one category here. It may backfire. So let the hammer drill vs. impact drive war come to an end and find the suitable one or the one you like for yourself.

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