Hitachi DS18dgl 18v Cordless Compact Drill Review

Hitachi DS18dgl

Hitachi DS18dgl

2 years ago, I bought a cordless drill that made my DIY tasks at home easy and convenient.  Well, I made a lot of stuff and had fixed things up around the house with the help of that drill along with my other tools.  After more than a year, it began to lose its power occasionally which I thought, all battery problems.  One day as I was about to fix my cabinet, my device finally lost its power.  And because I do the fixing myself, I had to buy a new one to replace my DIY buddy.  And what’s hard? Choosing again a new device.  When I searched at Amazon, a lot of power drills were there and it really made me a hard time choosing the right one.  I was about to buy the same model as the one I used for more than a year, but this Hitachi DS18dgl 18v has caught my attention.

Why did I choose Hitachi ds18dgl? That’s what I’m going to show you in this Hitachi DS18dgl 18v Cordless Compact Drill Review.  Let’s take a look at the features and how this amazing tool differs from other brands and models.  Are you ready? Take a look at these!

Features of Hitachi DS18dgl – Cordless Compact Drill

We often get confused with Compact drills and other types of drills.  Compact drills are designed to be slim, smaller in size that works best in tight areas like cabinets, cupboards, and drawers.  It is more handy and lighter and should come with drilling bit.  Yeah, I agree with you that it’s not easy to look for the right compact drill.  You have to weigh things up and research well so you would be happier and satisfied when you perform your tasks. Come on! Let’s see what’s in store for us with this Hitachi DS18dgl Cordless Compact Drill!

Reactive Force Control

If you happen to read Bosch’s Electronic Rotation Control and Active Response Technology, this is Hitachi’s equivalent to such feature.  This is designed to reduce the potential for harm whenever the drill jams or binds in a whole.  How does it work?  It basically kicks when the drill is suddenly overburdened.  Normally with other drills without such feature, the drill twists to the opposite position.  With this feature, the built-in sensors of your device detect the reactive forces and automatically turns off the motor.  Definitely, it won’t give your arm a sudden twist that might cause you pain.  If such feature is activated, the built-in LED light would blink indicating that such feature has activated.

High Capacity Batteries

Compact drills come in two types, the Cordless such as this Hitachi DS18dgl and the corded models.  Corded drills are powered by electricity while the cordless ones are powered by batteries.  It couldn’t be said that corded ones are more powerful.  Cordless to are powerful depending on the type of battery.

This Hitachi DS18dgl is powered by 18v Lithium Ion Battery.  It is lightweight and has 3x power than traditional Ni-Cd batteries.  The battery is designed as slide-type and it absolutely eliminates the vertical cell battery chamber that contributes to a comfortable handling of your device as well as greater control.  What I like more on this pack is the spare battery that lets you continue your task even when the other lose its power.

And the charging time of batteries? Amazingly, your battery will get fully charged in just 35 minutes.  This allows you to change your battery readily when the latter gets low of life.

Built-In LED Light

Because compact drills are often used in tight areas, it could be hard to work without much light.  Hitachi made a great design on this device by including a built-in  LED light that lights up your work.  Even in dark areas, surely, you’ll get your task done conveniently.

High Torque

No doubt, the Hitachi DS18dgl compact driver can handle tough jobs with its powerful 400 in/lbs of torque.  It has 22 clutches that delivers 22 settings depending on your need.  You can adjust your speed through its gear setting to match the speed that you need for your task.

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Why Should Use?

  • Comes in slim and compact design.
  • Quick charging time battery that comes with a spare.
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in 22 clutches to facilitate your needed position while drilling
  • Powered by 18v battery packs
  • Designed to be easily handled and gripped
  • Powerful 400 in/lbs of torque
  • Has built-in LED Light
  • Has Reactive Force Control Feature

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • The High-Low Switch is quite stiff.
  • Power can run out during a job, that’s why you have to bring always with you the fully-charged spare battery.

Why should you buy this product?

Aside from the many good reviews that you can read from Amazon as well as other sellers, here are some highlights of the Hitachi DS18dgl that you might consider:

  • The Reactive Force Control feature provides you safety while doing your task.
  • The device is powered by 18v battery packs assuring you for a long-lasting use.  Although it is cordless, you can get your task done especially that the kit comes with a spare battery.
  • It is slim and compact. You can get your tough job done especially if you are dealing with tight areas.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It has a built-in LED light focusing on your task.
  • It’s powerful 400 in/lbs torque can help you get your task done in a short period of time.


This Hitachi DS18dgl has surprised me again.  Well, I have this Hitachi Grinder that also made me realized how tough this manufacturer is in terms of producing power tools.  One thing I like most of the features is the Reactive Force Control.  I thought it was only Bosch that offers such safety system, but I was amazed at Hitachi’s.  Surely, everybody wants safety in all that we do.

Second, the 18v battery packs are such a powerful one.  We cannot say that cordless tools are weak.  Just look at this device! It will prove to you that cordless drills too can be as powerful as the corded.

All features that were mentioned were great, but it’s still up to you to decide.  My this review be of great help for you in choosing the best compact drill.

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