How to Drill Into Brick Quickly & Safely

Drilling is never an easy task whether you are drilling on a plastic or on a metal. Drilling takes more practice and precision than it normally looks and drilling into brick needs even more caution. When we see someone drilling it looks so simple of a task. All you need is a drill and bit. You just have to hold the drill to the point and thrust. That’s all we are getting from what we are seeing. But have you ever thought why they point out a place, mark it and often remain steady while drilling? Why they continuously stops in the middle then again resumes drilling? Why always the drill is positioned 90 degree? How to Drill Into Brick Quickly & Safely?

How to Drill Into Brick Quickly

I bet now you are thinking. Although most of the drilling worker aren’t that much educated but they know how to drill in a proper way. If it was that simple everybody could have done it without any kind of practice. All they would have needed a drill and a drill bit. But believe me even if I gave you 20 drill bits with the most powerful drill you couldn’t have made a hole into the brick without proper training and at least 5 bits would have broken. Surprised? You should be. How can a titanium coated bits be broken by bricks? It’s not about the density it’s about the proper training.

So if you want to know how to drill into brick you should read learn about these steps. First you need to do some preparations.

Necessary Materials

  • A hammer drill (if possible)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape
  • Masonry bits
  • Goggles
  • Large masonry nail (at least 3 inch)
  • Hammer
  • Vacuum
  • Canned compressed air
  • Plummer putty

Now you need to move on to the steps.

How to Drill Into Brick Quickly & Safely

Step 1: Plan the holes and mark them

Planning a hole often looks easier, but you need to maintain certain credentials before planning a hole, such as how long and wide the hole will be? Where should we make the hole? If you need to make many holes side by side how much distance they need from one another? And so on. With all the categories check you need to mark the points you want to make holes. These marks need to be visible yet not large. You can use pencil or marker for this job.

Step 2: Need a proper drill

This is obvious. Without a drill it will take ages to make one hole and they will not be smooth as well. So you need a drill, but with thousands of varieties which drill you should choose for this job? Drilling into a brick takes ample power because of the density of the product. So a hammer drill will be perfect. If you cannot manage one except a regular one then it may takes more extra effort from your side.

Step 3: Wear safety gear

Dust and tiny particles often come out while you are drilling. So safety measures should be taken. Wear goggles and gloves for better safety. You know what they say, better safe than sorrow.

Step 4: Start drilling

Before you start drilling you need to put a mark on the drill bit about how bigger or longer of a hole you want to make. Then get a good hold of the grip of the drill. You know, when you are drilling it tends to skate on the surface. So if you aren’t holding it right and putting ample pressure behind it, you may lead yourself in danger.

Now hold the drill straight, exactly at 90 degree. Make a little hole before you thrust all the way. If your drill have different speed function start from a lower speed then power up. If your drill doesn’t have that kind of support try to launch a quick burst to make a smaller hole.

Step 5: Cool a bit

You need to cool the bit time to time so that it doesn’t break off. Drilling comes with lot of frictions which makes the drill bits hot and vulnerable and it will break off in no time. So rest a bit in every 10 seconds of drilling. Let the bit cool down a bit then start again.

Step 6: If stuck

Drilling isn’t a smooth ride while you are drilling into brick. It may get stuck. If that happens reverse the drill and pull up. If you find hardened surface into the brick don’t just push ahead. Stop there and pull out the drill. Use your masonry nail and the hammer to clear the obstacle.

Step 7: Clean afterwards

Drilling is a bit dirty and dust flies around here and there. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean. After the work is done seal the hole with Plummer putty if necessary.

There you go. All that you need to know about how to drill into brick. I hope you will find it helpful and help others to learn about how to drill into brick as well.

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