Makita CX200RB 18v Subcompact Brushless Drill Review

Makita CX200RB 18v Subcompact Brushless Drill Review

Makita CX200RB

Surely, when you happened to visit a hardware, you’ve seen different tools with the label of MAKITA on them:  Chainsaws, Blowers, Brush cutters, Edgers, Hedge Trimmers, and Drilling Kits.  If you would also ask construction workers and even plain homeowners, definitely they know such brand.

Simply because Makita has been in the tools industry for a century now! And they’re making the same noise in such industry, louder and louder because of the amazing performance that its power tools make.

My dad has been a contractor for years now.  When I was in my teenage years, he usually asked me to accompany him when he goes to hardware and checks on different tools that his people need in the construction.  Up to now, following on his steps, I always prefer the same brand.

One of these favorite power tool brands is the Makita.  And so, I’m making this review on one of their best power tools for drilling.  Well, they have different models with different features.  And today, let’s take a look at this Makita CX200RB.  Are you ready? Let’s start this Makita CX200RB 18v Subcompact Brushless Review!

Features of Makita CX200RB

When it comes to cordless power tools, Makita is always being one of the recommended brand particularly the CX200RB. Now let’s see how this item make your task performance different when you use such item.

The kit comes with the following:

  • 18v LXT Sub-Compact Brushless ½” Driver-Drill (XFD11ZB)
  • 18v LXT Sub-Compact Brushless Impact Driver (XDT15ZB)
  • (2) 18v LXT Lithium-Ion Compact 2.0Ah Battery (BL1820B)
  • 18v Lithium-Ion Rapid Optimum Charger (DC18RC)


The lightweight and compact design of Makita CX200RB makes the overall ergonomics of the tool amazing.  The housing is made of durable and high-quality plastic that doesn’t easily gets broken.  The plastic itself is lightweight, thus won’t give you much fatigue while doing your task.  The whole drill weighs just 2.04 pounds without battery and 2.88 pounds when the battery is inserted.  The impact driver is lighter that only weighs 2.66 pounds.

It has a dimension of 6-5/16 inches long and 8-7/8 inches tall when installed with battery.  The driver is more compact at 5-1/4 inches long and 8-1/2 inches long when inserted with battery.

While some old models of cordless drilling kit are powered by 12v battery packs, the CX200RB is powered by 18v batteries which are more powerful than the latter.  This could mean that you can do continuous drilling than using the old models.

And the handle design? Well, I can say that it is user-friendly, easy to hold and grab, and definitely comfortable in your hand.

Makita CX200RB

Makita CX200RB

Powerful Performance

The CX200RB 18v Subcompact Brushless Drill features a two-speed motor, capable of delivering up to 350 pounds of force at 1700 RPM.  If you’re a bit of a professional and familiar with operating drills, you can use the adjustable clutch settings on the collar.  And to provide you more convenience in your task, the drill features the Assist Mode (A-Mode) that helps eliminate “screw cam-out” and “cross threading”.  It starts to drive at low speed until it tightens.

Star Protection Technology

Genius in design, Makita incorporated Star Protection Controls to the unit.  Such feature allows communication between the Star Protection-equipped tool and the battery.  Both exchange data in real time and monitor conditions during use.  This aims to protect the tool against overloading, over-discharging and overheating.

Pros & Cons of Makita CX200RB

Why Should Use?

  • The kit comes with 2 pcs Makita CX200RB 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless for more driving ad fastening tasks
  • The device comes is powered by 18v battery packs. More powerful than the old models which are only powered by a 12v battery.
  • Very light in weight. It minimizes fatigue.
  • Easy to hold handle.
  • With star protection technology.
  • Powerful up to 1700 RPM.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Ideal for working in tight spaces.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • Could not be used in drilling with concrete and other hardened materials.
  • The kit is quite steeper in price but justifiable since the kit comes with two devices.

Why should you buy this product?

Here are few highlights of the Makita CX200RB 18v.  May these be helpful to you in finding the best Drill that fits your need:

  • When you buy the kit, you instantly got two units of Makita CX200RB. The price is justifiable because you get 2 units in a kit.
  • It is powered by 18v battery packs that are capable of allowing you a longer period of drilling.
  • It doesn’t give you the strain of arms.
  • Ergonomically designed to give you the best comfort you can experience while working on your task.
  • Smaller than the other Makita models. It can help you get well with small and tight places.
  • Perfect set for light duty drill. Even women can use it.


So, we’ve come to the end of our review.  Have you realized it too? This Makita CX200RB is definitely a powerful device in a small tool.  Realizing its weight, who would have thought that this toy can drill up to 1700 RPM.  And look at the cover! It’s so light to give you the most comfortable working of a task.

If you’ll just use this item for wood, metal, and plastic material, definitely you’ll experience the best performance that the Makita CX200RB could offer.  Using this device to concrete and other hardened materials would be a big No! No! as this is not designed for such.  You’ll probably end up disappointed.  You can try other Makita products that are intended for hammering.

If you talk about warranty, Makita offers a 3-year warranty on all their products including the CX200RB 18v Subcompact Brushless unit.  Check out Amazon and other authorized dealers.

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