Makita XPH102 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Review

Makita XPH102 18V Lithium-Ion

When searching for a drill, you will need one that will be more than “only a tool”. You need a drill that shouts “I will claim your undertaking, please pick me” since then you know you are getting your correct hand man. There are such a large number of approaches to utilize a cordless drill, what mainly matters is the way of finding the correct one and the perfect thing will set the tone to how your venture will work out. We like tools that will make the venture, not tools that will chip away at the task.

Such a large number of individuals are ending up from the DIY slant, leaving power devices in higher request, and with that higher request comes more inventive highlights for better performance. Fundamentally, cordless drills creators are venturing up their diversion with the expansion (cash influencing openings) for requirement for their devices. Presently, have a look at one of the Best Cordless Drills.

You know what’s tough? Picking up a perfect gadget from the best is hard. When I looked at Amazon, great deals of cordless power drills were out there and it extremely made me a hard time picking the correct one. I was going through a list and an indistinguishable model from the best tools of the time, Makita XPH102 18V has taken my consideration.

For what reason did I pick Makita XPH102? That is what I will indicate you in this Makita XPH102 18v Lithium-ion Cordless Drill Review. How about we investigate the highlights and how this astonishing tool contrasts with different brands and models. Is it right to say that you are prepared? Look for these!

Highlights of Makita XPH102 Cordless Hammer Drill

You might often get bemused with the terms like power drills and compact drills. There are a various types of drills. Compact drills are intended to be thin, with a small size that will work perfectly in regions like cupboards, organizers, and drawers. It is more convenient and lighter and should accompany drilling kit. Better believe it, I concur with you that it is difficult to search for the correct compact drill. You need to measure things up and inquire about well so you would be more joyful and fulfilled when you play out your undertakings. Go ahead! We should perceive what’s in store for us with this Makita XPH102 Cordless Hammer Drill!

  1. Compact drills come in two sorts, the Cordless, for example, this Makita XPH102 and other corded models. The Corded drills are fueled by electricity whereas the cordless ones are controlled by batteries. It can’t be always being said that corded ones are all the more effective. Cordless ones are intense relying upon the kind of battery.



This Makita XPH102 is controlled by LXT Lithium-ion Battery of 18 Volts. It is lightweight and has a weight of about only 3.9 lbs. This tool comes with lithium-ion batteries for reduced fatigue. The battery chamber adds comfort with working of your gadget and in addition more noteworthy control.

The more are the volts, the more powerful will be the drill, and the more torque it can muster. The cordless drills voltages when looked in terms of majority are 12 Volts or 18-Volts. The 12 Volts drill models are enough for most domestic tasks, but when it falls within your pocket budget, you can never go off beam with the extra power on hand by 18 Volts.

What’s more, the charging time of batteries? Incredibly, your battery will get completely charged in only 35 minutes because of the rapid charging. This enables you to change your battery promptly when the last gets low of life.

  1. Makita has a built in 4-pole motor that delivers max torque of 480 lbs. also is capable of 1,900 RPM along with 28,500 BPM in a high-speed setting. This product is engineered with an Extreme Protection Technology to increase dust plus water resistance to prove it an ideal tool for bleak job site settings.
  2. Makita hammer drill has very compact & ergonomic product design which has a height up to only 7-3/4″.
  3. Comes in 2-speed design to facilitate needs for all positions when using drilling and hammer applications.
  4. For an improvement in the tool performance in addition to comprehensive battery existence, Makita produced Star Protection Computer Control. It is a communication technology to allow Star Protection-set tool as well as battery to replace data in monitor conditions for the duration usage so as to protect it against overheating, over discharging and overloading.
  5. For better versatility, Makita 18 Volts Lithium ion batteries offers the fastest charging periods in their every category, so you can say that Makita tools will spend much time while working for your tough tasks and will consume less and less time connected to the charger.
  6. This tool can be utilized as a hammer drill or a driver drill. Moreover, this hammer drill tool is engineered to be used roughly in applications like concrete, metal, wood and masonry.

Pros and Cons of Makita XPH102 Cordless Drill

Why to use this product?

  • This product has a durable design and is slim.
  • This innovative product is engineered for improving the water in accordance with dust resistance to operate in harsh conditions.
  • This product is comfortable as it weighs only 3.9 lbs. and is designed for easy handling.
  • Powerful 480 in lbs of maximum torque
  • It has lithium-ion batteries and a rapid charger along with a tool case.

Why you shouldn’t use?

  • You might end up receiving this tool kit with faulty batteries. Many cases have been reported under this issue.


This Makita XPH102 hammer drill has surprisingly an amazing quality. This model offers you a great performance. The one thing I liked apart of its features is that the customer service provided by the company is reliable and the best. I was amazed when looked for Makita’s price; this will serve as your money saving tool kit. Surely, everyone wants to make it easy on their pockets.

Just look for this tool! This kit will prove out to you as a best drilling tool at the best price.

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