Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel Combo Kit Review

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2897-22

At this modern era with decades seeing improvement in technical electronic products lets introduce you to an easy to use, easy to handle. highly durable Milwaukees new M18 Fuel 2 Tool Combo Kit. This kit includes a new impact driver which is called M18 2753 and Milwaukees new Hammer Drill driver which is called M18 Fuel 2704.

With much pros and only few cons, both of these models came to the market in Late 2015. The package also comes in a smart Red identical case with supporting side handles and Sequential charger. Hammer drills and impact drivers are 2 inseparable tools these days and which is why the competitors of Milwaukee such as DeWalt is also combining both sets of tools in such a package.

Nowadays it doesn’t only matter to have powerful tools to work with, it rather needs a lot more features to compete in the market: such as price efficiency, durability, warranties, extra kits, and packaging. Milwaukee has increasingly mastered in all those sectors.


Features of Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-tool Combo Kit

Milwaukee 2897-22

Impact Driver (M18 2753):

Impact drivers work by not only supplying rotational force but also downward impacting forces at the same time. This action allows smaller and lighter impact drivers to do a tremendous amount of work very quickly. The new Impact Driver has an overall increase in the max torque provided with 1800 in-lbs of torque in comparison to the previous versions 1600 in-lbs torque.This impact driver is designed to deliver not only greater power but also greater control over power and speed because of a 4 mode driver control. The orange color panel has 4 switches for the driver control modes. The motor delivers

This impact driver is designed to deliver not only greater power but also greater control over power and speed because of a 4 mode driver control. The orange color panel has 4 switches for the driver control modes. The motor delivers up to 3000 RPM in mode 3, up to 2100 RPM in mode 2 and up to 850 RPM in mode 1.

  • We can use the Impact driver for automotive works.
  • The M18 Impact driver can also be used to frame up a metal wall. The light weight of the tool and the fact that it will achieve up to 3000RPM and 3700 impacts per minute make the impact driver best suited for this sort of job.
  • The self-tapping screw mode is designed to reduce overdriving, breaking and stripping out screws.
  • The controlled start ramps up to 3,000 RPM which reduces walking.
  • The fast driving with 3,000 RPM can ensure maximum speed through the material.
  • The Controlled finish slows to 750 RPM.

Hammer Drill Driver (M18 Fuel 2704):

The hammer drill driver also improved max torque with 1200 in-lbs in comparison to previous 725 in-lbs. It can be used to create bigger holes. The greater strength of the size of the drill driver combined with the safety features of the handle makes the drill driver create the bigger size of holes.

  • The Larger motor makes it easier to drill.
  • The 2-speed transmission for the Hammer drill driver makes it much convenient.
  • The Transmission speed number 1 makes the bigger holes quite easy to curve.
  • For drilling concrete or plastic you would use the hammer drill driver by switching the selector to Hammerdrill and using a proper concrete pit.
  • Speed 1- gives up to 550 RPM
  • Speed 2 – provides 2000 RPM

For driving screws the impact driver will be faster. However, the Drill driver can provide sufficient accuracy with its 24 torque settings.

Xc 5.0 Red Lithium Battery (2 Sets) & Sequential Charger

The batteries come with fuel gauges on them. In the box there also is the M18 sequential charger. The batteries provide:

  • 2X more recharges than leading competitor
  • 20% more power than standard lithium ION batteries.
  • Fuel Gauge Displaying remaining charge
  • Operates below – 18 degrees C/ 0 degree F.


A shiny red casing with Belt Clip, Side handles, and Bit Holder.

Other Features of Milwaukee 2897-22:

Milwaukees trio of Redlink plus intelligence, Red lithium battery packs and power state brushless motors has also been upgraded for the 2nd generation series. Milwaukee claims that the Redlink Plus intelligence system is currently

  • The most advanced in the market
  • It should also increase your tool life
  • Gives maximum performance
  • Has total system communication with the overload

How To Set And Use?

There is a torque selector which operates in driving speed mode. This torque selector helps to adjust clutch and present the torque to avoid drilling too deep. In the drilling mode the drill operates in the maximum mode. It can provide 32000 BPM (Blows per minute) maximum torque to assist during the concrete drilling.

The handle is also quite easy to use. It can be removed in a counter clock motion and can be put back either on the right or left side.

Pros & Cons of Milwaukee 2897-22

Why Should Use?

  • Better endurance than competitors like DeWalts and Makita.
  • Greater stability in self-tapping screw driving. Has a mode to avoid over drilling.
  • Better precision than its competitors with a precision screw mode.
  • Hammer Drills are equally powerful as a competitor. However, Milwaukee is faster in providing a result.
  • 0 Ahr batteries, a shiny case, and handles in the kit gives it better value for money.
  • Milwaukee 2897-22 has a long warranty period of 5 years.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • With a total weight of 17.8 pounds, it’s heavier than some of its competitors.
  • The impact driver with1800 lbs torque, 3000 max RPM and 3700 IPM (Impacts Per Minute) can lay a bit backward in all 3 categories than its competitor like DeWalt.
  • Lying a bit back in concrete drilling 32000 Blows Per minute compared to Dewalts 34000 BPM.

Why And How To Buy This Product:

Milwaukee is giving 5-year limited warranty on the tools and 3-year limited warranty on the battery. Such feature is completely unchallenged in the market. The kit comes in a shiny Red impressive box with Red Colored tools giving a shiny appearance. At the same time, the 5.0 Ahr batteries make it a powerful selection compared to the competitors. It’s also a viable choice as the handle is provided. It’s a better choice for the money.

The product is currently available on and priced at $315. The price itself gets it a competitive advantage over its competitors.


In conclusion, I feel it’s an outstanding 2 tool combo kit. Milwaukee put their one of the best impact drivers and hammer drill drivers in the box with powerful batteries.  The price itself gives it a competitive advantage since the product comes in a stunning all-in-one kit.  Milwaukee has been having decades of innovation and researches the outcome of which is the Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2 tool combo kit. Tools and charger having 5 years warranty and the battery comes with 3 years warranty. With such features, the product is a must buy.

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