Milwaukee 48-11-1828 M-18 XC RED Lithium Battery Review

You are searching here and there for an honest review of Milwaukee 48-11-1828 battery, and yet you got zero progress? Then try this review for a change. As I have been using this revolutionary battery for quite a few months, I believe I can generate what you are searching all these days including pros and cons and its super uses.

It hasn’t been long since this Milwaukee m18 battery is out on the market, but its popularity is rapidly increasing. Now I can see why and soon you will see it too. Let me share some key features:

More Runtime

The first complain we do about a battery is that it doesn’t have a longer runtime, but with this Milwaukee m18 battery I can work without any tension of loosing charge within a few days. Although I don’t have much work to do but I bet you will be satisfied with its runtime just the way I do.

Milwaukee 48-11-1828

Fuel Gauge

There is a fuel gauge onboard which is such a relief. Now you can be sure about the time limit. This helps me a lot. I can get an idea about when to put it to the charger. The remaining time it shows is actually less than the original time remaining. So it never betrays.

Power and Speed

Usually, batteries have a common deformity. It doesn’t always give you the power and speed that an electrical tool may give. But with this Milwaukee m18 battery you don’t have to worry at all about these sections. It works perfectly, or you may say even better.

No Overheat Problem

Suppose you are working with your tool in an extremely hot weather. As you are sweating with the heat, your batteries tend to do so and thus become damaged easily. Milwaukee m18 battery has got this covered. It has made in a way to absorb heat in such ways that the temperature around the product remains average.

Not only that, you may have seen some batteries stopped working when the weather is a bit cold or cooler. But this one is made in such a way that this can work under 0⁰F/-18⁰C.

Good for Tools

If your battery gets overheated or it doesn’t work properly it may damage your tool, especially when it is time for heavy duty. I am thankful enough to Milwaukee m18 battery because when duty calls, it never disappoints me or my tools. It seems like they are in a healthy relationship.


Usually, extended-capacity batteries are a bit larger than this one. So it goes fit into your tools perfectly. You can easily carry it wherever you like. And more of all it doesn’t need a cable to connect while you are working. It gives me more freedom to move around with your tools.


High capacity batteries usually take more time to charge than the normal ones. So is Milwaukee m18 battery. If you use a regular charger to charge, then it will take more time. That’s why they introduced a brand new multi-voltage rapid charger. This multi-voltage rapid charger can charge these batteries 40% faster than the regular chargers. I am using this tool as well. Charging has become much easier. It’s just like a fast charging adapter for larger batteries.


This is the next generation red lithium battery which will give you more runtime than ever. Now a question might pop up in your head that for which tools this battery is compatible? Milwaukee makes it compatible with every m18 tools that are available in the market. So you don’t have to worry about fitting problems. More than that I am using this to all of my m18 tools and I can assure you that I do have quite a few of my own.

Pros and Cons of Milwaukee 48-11-1828 M-18 XC

Why Should Use?

  • As a REDLINK™ intelligence, it provides genuinely optimized performance, and it communicates with the total system between battery, charger and the tool, which leads to overload protection.
  • With perfectly constructed body, long lasting performance and durability it achieves the top position.
  • Fuel gauge attached to the battery.
  • Can perform in every type of weather, whether it is burning hot or stone cold.
  • You can use this battery to power more than 40 Milwaukee m18 tools.
  • An individual cell voltage monitoring system which provides maximum life.
  • Weight 1.1 pounds only.
  • Prevents cell damage and tool damage from over-discharge.

Why Shouldn’t Use?

  • With better runtime, it takes a little bit extra time to get fully charged. Although you can use their multi-voltage fast charger to charge it 40% faster.
  • Cannot use it other than m18 tools.

First Impression

This looks like a simple battery with extraordinary features. Milwaukee m18 battery is the latest lithium version. It gives extended runtime as well as power and speed. With 6mAh powerhouse it can do all days work without breaking a sweat. It can work in every type of weather so the cooling system should be very efficient. Its weight is only 1.1 pounds, so easy to carry and lighter to use. Well built body with a fuel gauge so accurate. No need to worry about when it will lose all power and needs a recharge. This well-constructed battery is designed to equip with every m18 tools, so almost over 40 equipments are ready to get powered.

So we can say Milwaukee m18 battery is all in one package. You get to do all the works with it without even worrying about when to put it on the charger or what it might do to your tools or what will happen to the battery itself. Working has become much easier with this battery in hand. Although charging may take a bit long, but it serves you more than it takes. In total if you are going to buy a battery for your m18 tools I would recommend Milwaukee m18 battery especially Milwaukee 48-11-1828 M-18 XC RED Lithium Battery.

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