Milwaukee 48-11-1828 M18 XC RED LITHIUM 18-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Battery Review

A year ago Milwaukee declared their Red Lithium batteries, which supplanted their present line of M12 and M18 lithium-ion batteries. The new batteries appeared at the 2010 new item symposium which we were special to be a piece of. There, the organization discharged new items, declared others, and by and large flaunted what was in the item chute for the coming year.

Obviously, one of the stars was the fresh out of the box new Red Lithium battery. Never one to just acknowledge another item on confront esteem alone, Pro Tool Reviews pledged to get to the base of the innovation and discover what made the new battery packs and innovation tick… Well, it turns out it’s more than you might suspect – or if nothing else it’s more than I thought.

To get the ideal data, Paul Fry, Directory of Cordless at Milwaukee Electric Tool organization is the main individual to reveal to you he’s not an architect and can’t address the circuit board-level of Red Lithium, yet that is not so much what we were going for. No, we fundamentally were after what improves Red Lithium than their last-gen batteries. Specifically, we’ve caught wind of the preferences, however, we needed to know the why and how.

Thus back in the beginning of lithium-ion, Milwaukee really brought some folks from MIT on board to get into the matter of building real battery cells. Truly, they were working with real cells to adjust them for use with cordless power instruments. This is in reality entirely foolish, in light of the fact that it implied that Milwaukee claimed battery generation hardware at a certain point. This is profoundly unordinary without a doubt, particularly given that before lithium-ion the whole business acquired their Ni-Cad cells from one of around two spots. Furthermore, generally, those makers additionally fabricated the battery packs (a reality that prompted not as much as stellar arrangements that couldn’t take much manhandle).

Difference between Red lithium-ion Batteries and Ni-Cad and Ni MH

At the point when Milwaukee moved to lithium-particle as a stage, they changed the way batteries were customarily developed (disposing of the same old thing). There are far more battery makers now (maybe twelve standard organizations) so there are more alternatives. Over that, there is something else entirely to a battery than at any other time – and keeping in mind that this is huge, it additionally takes the weight off developing genuine cells (that part is being done adequately well by the key producers). So while Milwaukee (and other significant power device organizations) doesn’t manufacture the real cell, Milwaukee builds the genuine battery pack. Their hypothesis is that you can take the best cell on the planet, however without electronic insurance, all that work will bring about restricted additions.

Highlights of Milwaukee Red Lithium ion Cordless Battery

  1. Brilliant Milwaukee Red Lithium Batteries

The progress from “stupid” batteries to “brilliant” batteries appears to have developed most essentially with the coming of lithium-ion Batteries have gone from for all intents and purposes no gadgets to frameworks that screen all parts of a battery pack’s charging and releasing capacities. Amid charging, the battery pack must address the charger or cheating can happen. What’s a cheat? Indeed, if the battery charges past its ability the cell will separate and stop to work (or more regrettable).

Then again, you could likewise take a battery pack over its temperature limits amid the utilization of the apparatus where current draw surpasses confinements. That can liquefy your engine and furthermore harm the battery. To keep away from this, close consistent correspondence is going on amid charging and releasing to screen and modify the cells and additionally the engine for ideal utilize and security.

A decent battery-instrument framework will screen the two parts of this vitality utilization. The opposite side of the condition is encircled as far as run-time. With the appearance of lithium-particle, Milwaukee started to give release assurance on the battery pack itself. This disposed of the need to release the battery completely by holding down the trigger, and so on… For any individual who has utilized Ni-Cad or even Ni MH, you know about the memory impact and the propensity for the battery to lose its capability to hold a charge after some time.

Running it out was an incessant and well known strategy for recapturing the battery’s greatest potential (or if nothing else however much as could reasonably be expected). What clients were truly doing was “smashing the voltage” of the pack. In the long run, this hurts the battery. Presently, hardware will prevent the device from releasing itself to the greatest sum, shielding it from losing its capacity to charge completely and totally. At the point when a Milwaukee device stops – it’s really got a little charge left in the battery. The hardware is venturing into state “it’s a great opportunity to charge the apparatus, quit working – you’re finished.”

  1. The Protection of Lithium Batteries

So we should discuss warm assurance since it’s a similarly critical part of all the hardware that goes into the lithium-particle battery packs. Suppose you are cutting a group of wood – in any case, we’re discussing any application that takes part in high torque or managed utilization of a device. It’s not out of the domain that in cases like this you could take the pack up over its temperature limit. With Milwaukee’s Red Lithium the gadgets will remove the pack.

Presently what’s intriguing to us is the perception that Milwaukee’s unique lithium-particle batteries likewise contained electronic over-burden and warm security, yet cut out a considerable measure sooner than the new Red Lithium models. As per Paul, the hardware didn’t change all that much, however progressions in cell innovation did. So the first lithium-particle batteries didn’t have an alternative edge, but instead the new Red Lithium cells can basically keep the battery cooler because of an adjustment in cell development and science. Obviously, new potential and capacities in the cells imply that the hardware was changed in accordance with perceive this and react as needs are. Keep in mind those numbers above?

That is the place this expansion originated from – it’s genuine, not simply advertising or an alternate method for estimating execution. The new Red Lithium batteries truly develop warm slower and in this manner run longer before security kicks in.

Pros of Milwaukee lithium ion battery

So as far as development, Milwaukee’s change to lithium-ion went from endeavoring to fabricate cells to acknowledging they could hold these battery-masters on staff and divert their endeavors towards driving the accomplice producers to keep up the best cell development.

  1. The ultimate innovation and qualities of the battery packs to meet client desires.
  2. Furthermore, more concentration on the advancement of the device, pack and charger hardware.
  3. While the first battery packs had some gadgets, Milwaukee sent extra hardware to screen and execute new circuits to examine the signs between the batteries and the apparatuses and from the batteries to the chargers.

So there winds up being three noteworthy spots to center while thinking about battery innovation: Battery pack development, genuine lithium-ion cells inside the pack, and gadgets inside the battery pack (and thusly, the hardware inside the device and the charger)

Cons of Milwaukee lithium ion battery

  1. Some of the users have reported that this product doesn’t seat properly at once.

Final Verdict

This tool has had lots of testimonials from consumers who have patronized it, and they have enjoyed using it because of its accessibility and high capacity it has evolved with, lots of consumers out there has continually buying this device, and using it in all of their varieties. This particular product has outstood to best ever amongst all the Milwaukee products consumers testify.

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