What Is A Hammer Drill?

A hammer drill is type of a drill that works with a hammering action. The hammering action provides less effort but more action.  Hammer drills can come with cord and can be cordless too.  Hammer drills are also known as “rotary hammer”, “roto-drill” or “hammering drill”. These drills come with a hammering design along with the basic facility of drilling.

There are two types of hammer drills available in the market. One type of hammer drill is mainly cordless and comes in a compact size. These types of hammer drills are used mainly in small projects or everyday home works. These types of lower power units are generally called “hammer drills”.

These lower unit hammer drills have a “cam-action” or “percussion” mechanism of hammering. With “cam-action” drills, the chuck is designed with a mechanism that makes the entire chuck along with the bit move forth and back on the axis of rotation. These drills can be used both with and without any hammering action though it is not possible to use any kind of hammer action alone because the rotation over the “cams” causes the hammer motion. Premium build-quality products of this genre can be used for heavy works like construction or heavy masonry.

Another type of hammer drill is largely known as rotary hammer. These drills are usually designed with cords and these generally do not come with batteries as these are used with direct electric connection. These drills are built for heavy duty works. Constructions and masonry works or everyday usage are suitable for these drills. These are more powerful drills that serve the purpose of big projects. These electric drills provide bigger impact force by utilizing a technology called the “electro-pneumatic” (EP) hammering mechanism as these products draws power directly from electricity rather than a separate air compressor.

A hammer drill is a very useful tool for work. Heavy hammer drills suit for both heavy and light works. People who are involved with construction prefer to choose hammer drills over most other type of drills because these drills give the best result.

Though a basic hammer drill almost looks just like a regular drill, it does not work like one. A hammer drill has a particular type of setting which is not designed for driving screws and is not allowed to use while driving screws. There are a number of models in the market that consist both a regular and a hammer setting. The hammer drill is very loud and may feel like a jackhammer while using.

These drills excel at drilling through concrete and any other hard surfaces. So when it comes to work with the projects of masonry, these types of drills are something that will enrich of the users collection and make the work smoother with its impactful performance. From the experience of any hardware tool user, these types of drill will always be the first priority of the experienced as these are best for any type of drilling works for longer period of time.

Many people get confused with hammer drills with a completely different tool which is known as impact driver. An impact driver is designed to use an impact type of action while increasing the rotational drive of the particular type of drill. Rotational impact has the ability to excel while driving screws, the lags or nuts but these products do nothing with regards to drilling. Impact driver does not drill any surfaces rather Impact drivers are only for loosening or fastening screws, nags, bolts and nuts.

Some hammer drills may have lock-on feature. This feature is convenient for continuous drilling for longer periods of time. For security purpose, before connecting the hammer drill to any direct power supply source, it should always be checked to be sure whether it is or not in lock-on position. This can be done by pressing and releasing the trigger button attached to the machine.

While a specific measured depth is required, the user can appreciate a drill with adjustable settings to maintain the depth of the desired hole.

Another most important feature on rotary hammer drills is the dust extraction system. Some machines out there have an on-board dust capture system, another useful feature.

There are various brands that manufacture these drills like DeWalt, Makita, Bosch and some other. DeWalt produces both cord and cordless hammer drills for small projects or extensive use. Bosch, Makita are two top rank brands in this genre.

In short it can be said that a hammer drill is something that can drill into any hard surface while working with greater force than a regular drill. These products come with an adjustable clutch which helps to match the required power. These drills are featured with multiple speed settings. Comparatively these drills are heavier and larger that other compact drills. If someone needs to work on a larger project and tough materials are required to drill within short time then a hammer drill is irreplaceable.

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