What Is An Impact Driver?

An impact driver is one of the most important drilling items for hardware works. This kit is a manual tool that has the ability to deliver an efficient, perfect rotational and downward force. Sometimes it is used by mechanics to separate large screws or nuts that are stuck or over-torqued. In an opposite way, it is also possible where screws have to be tightened with greater torque than any screwdriver out there can ever provide. Manual impact drivers come with an impactful outer sleeve that surrounds the inner core.  An impact driver is very important for accomplishing tasks that include screw related works.

If a screw needs to be tightened or loosen it can be done by both a screwdriver or impact driver. The fact is screwdriver requires way more work than an impact driver. A screwdriver may give arm aches as well. An impact driver will make the work much easier than the screwdriver. The speed of work will be boosted up if an impact driver is used for screwing tasks.

So it is quite clear that an impact driver is the absolute fastener of works that deal with screws or nuts. Rotational and downward forces are used by these cordless products to work with bolts or screws. Instead of quickly tapping the back of the screws with hammer or handling screwdriver to tighten or loosen the bolts or screws, an impact driver helps to fasten the work speed by making the two works at a time.

The power that is added to an impact driver increases the speed of torque and helps to drive more pressure. This way the user will not have to use force while working with the tool. So it relieves stress from arm and wrist of the tool user. Because of these tools, the screws are less likely to get broken or fall apart.

These products come in mostly l compact sizes. Some of these tools can be used to work in both home and official projects. These products may also provide the benefit of attached LED lights. The compact size of these products helps the user to use these drivers in any tight spaces. The LED lights, if attached to the products, help the users to work in low light spaces. Also if got stuck in a confined or congested space, the compact sized impact drivers can be handled easily with LED lights.

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Impact drivers have a quick-connect socket. These sockets allow fast bit changes like most of the standard drills. If some of the users only have standard drill bits, they can convert to bits with a hex shaft which will still work with their drilling kits that they use for an everyday purpose or specific projects.

The impact drill drivers are designed with an impactful motor. The motors help with the speed of rotation and deliver quick torques. The motors are the fundamental feature of these drivers. The more powerful the motors are, the less work is required for the user to work with drills or nuts or bolts. Some of the product may include a brushless motor. The motor is the main concern of the impact drivers.

There are several types of impact driver in the market. DeWalt impact drivers are mostly cordless and one of the leading products in the hardware world. There are single-speed models with brushed motors like this Black+Decker on an affordable budget. A Black & Decker impact driver for the DIYer is available that includes both a drill/driver and impact driver. These drivers are mostly compact impact drivers that run on 12V battery platforms. Bosch is another name of the brand that provides some of the best impact drivers. These drivers mainly come with a compact size though great to use. These products give their best if used in homely purpose. An impact driver does not replace cordless drill/driver, rather it expands user abilities.

A cordless impact driver is extremely unique. It is the first power tool that many people would like to own. It has the ability of drilling pilot holes and driving screws which is really tough to beat. Impact drivers are ideal products in these cases. These impact driver kits can be used to build decks or screw down plywood. It also helps to install tile backer board for any other job that requires driving a long screw or bolt into hard surfaces.

An impact driver may look just like just a drill to most people’s eyes, but they are actually different tools. The difference starts with how the user loads their bits.

An impact driver is mainly designed to drive screws and bolts that have the possibility to stall out any type of cordless drill. It does the work by using concussive force while driving screws into wood. It comes with an ability to deliver two to three times more torque than any average drill and is less likely to twist the wrist of the user. The users will also be less prone to strip screws, while the additional force is something that the users can drive them with more precision.


Impact drivers may require a bit of time to get used to. There is no adjustable clutch like the drill. These tools are also louder, which some people may object to, but the user won’t need to wear hearing protection for short durations of use.

Impact drivers may provide higher torque but in rapid bursts, these products are very much like a hammer provides bursts of linear force. This quality makes these products good even for heavy-duty jobs like driving long lag bolts. Sometimes the banging action can make them a little bit difficult to control.

Products like these are also not suitable for driving into materials which are very soft. There will be no torque that can be applied and there is a possibility that the bit can actually rotate backward.

There are some impact drivers that may not include the benefits of having a clutch. It means the user needs to be very careful while using the product. The absence of clutch means there is a possibility of probable damage. While driving something, there is a high risk that it could be over-tightened or broken by the application of high torque.

Although having some limitations, an impact driver is something that makes a driving work meaningful with its presence. These types of drivers give the user relief from manual labor and help to reduce user fatigues. These products are easy to control and less effort is required while dealing with different works using these products.


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